A Favorite Scenario

You get the feeling that you’re being watched as you fumble with the door code, nervous and wondering if it’s too late to change your mind. You wait for a few seconds before the buzzer makes you jump. You wonder if whoever you think is watching you saw that while you reach for the door…

She chuckles out loud watching the grainy black and white figure on the monitor. This one should be great fun, She thinks as She goes to unlock the door.

Before you can ring the bell, the door cracks open slightly and you hear a low, “Come on in…”

The leather straps are unforgiving but reassuring in a strange way considering that your legs are spread wide and immobile in the bondage chair. Your arms strapped uselessly to your sides, at least you can wiggle your fingers, you think, especially since your feet are bound just high enough to the sides of the chair that they don’t touch the floor. That lack of solid ground makes you feel off-balance and edgy, even though you are seated. The worst part is that the collar She strapped around your neck as soon as you came through the door is now secured to the back of the chair. Not being able to move your head is making you feel especially anxious. You feel so vulnerable. Scared. Excited.

You follow Her deliberate movements across the room with only your eyes. It might appear that She is ignoring you while She turns up the volume on the dreamy music playing, but as you see Her hand pick up a sleek black single-tail, you realize that that’s not the case at all. You can feel your belly pushing against the tight leather straps as you begin to panic, your breath coming in short quick bursts. In a few calculated strides, She is suddenly in front of you, whip at Her side, Her gaze piercing. You stop breathing completely, and then She blows you a kiss, waves, laughs.

The first crack of the whip makes you gasp in fear. In fact, you never stop gasping, every time She cracks the whip. And every time you gasp, She laughs. There’s the slight rattle of metal as you tremble in your bondage. She savors the sound. You feel out of control, terrified, turned on, exquisite. And She hasn’t even struck you with the whip yet…

"It's not what you think."