Upon arriving at the appointed location and at the appointed time, I immediately noted that my research proved correct: Amiko was much more attractive in person than she is in very compelling photos – face to face, Amiko radiates beauty and confidence. Simply, Amiko is smoking hot. I can’t quite pinpoint it but think it’s her eyes. And her smile. There is a quiet, warm intensity to both that immediately set me at ease but also communicated that with a flip of a switch, she would be all business.

In our brief pre-session discussion about the playful but meaningful violence that would ensue, Amiko demonstrated that she had carefully and thoughtfully read and digested e-mail correspondence outlining my hopes and desires for our session. Amiko was friendly and humorous but purposeful. Her smile was infectious. Her eyes – they pierced me. Her playfulness defied the torment that was to befall upon my backside (and frankly, my front side as well).

Our play started slowly. Amiko methodically warmed me up lightly with floggers and leather paddles. I’m pretty sure that she was testing me – would I live up to her expectations – was I real or just some bullshit guy who claimed to be a maso but only to disappoint. As she cranked up the fierceness of her strikes, she smiled, knowing what was to come.

My nipples were set on fire – the soreness projected to last for days – and it has. Always back to the nipples – no mercy. We progressed from jokes and laughs to whimpers and faint cries arising from single tail and dragon tail/tongue whips, the severity increasing as the beating progressed. Chest, ass, between the thighs – no relief, no mercy, no looking back. My eyes were glassy. Amiko’s intense eyes; her provocative smile – how could I take more but how could I not? I loved her smile, her laugh, her sense of humor – hard not to love Amiko when she peppered me with biting, humorous banter all the while accepting my verbal drool with grace.

After I thought that Amiko was sufficiently satisfied that Ihad taken enough, I was surprised by what was to come – a strapping – with a thick, uncompromising leather strap – the strapping began slowly and ultimately reached a crescendo of paralyzing (and tear producing) pain. Amiko’s eyes – also uncompromising, left little doubt that she would finish the beating when she, not me, was ready for the beating to end. Had it lasted 5 minutes more,the frequency and strength of the blows surely would have broken me – Amiko, charming, lovely Amiko took pity, ended the violence before I collapsed in a puddle of tears and humiliation. I loved her for this but wondered how I might have felt had she continued in an unrelenting pace. Maybe for another day.

After our session, Amiko offered me water and a vitamin c tablet to begin to begin to help heal my wounds. I was grateful (later that night, as I privately contemplated the evening that was, vitamin K and arnica would be applied to my blistered ass). Our post-session conversation lasted for sometime, during which we discussed thoughts about the BDSM, politics and many other subjects. My first conclusion: Amiko is thoughtful, intelligent, and has a great spirit. My second conclusion: sitting would be difficult for days. My third conclusion: thankfully, Amiko agreed to see me again.

Amiko’s session demeanor is different than many Dommes with whom I’ve played – it was pleasant, funny and kind (I know – a complete oxymoron). She is well versed on many subjects and a compelling conversationalist. She maintained great session balance between sustained activity where my undivided attention was unequivocally required and more relaxed moments during which we exchanged a few laughs.

Although my session was primarily corporal in nature, I do not think you can go wrong with Amiko – I suspect (and hope to find out myself sometime in the future) that she is equally skilled in the more sensual arts. I have a tendency to gravitate toward tall, physically gifted Dommes who take no prisoners. Amiko stands tall among them (not sure how tall she is but I would not consider her to be incredibly tall) but she is powerful and packs a serious punch (yup, she did that too)). I promise you that she will leave an impression(s) that you will appreciate for many days following your session. And, you will not soon forget Amiko’s intense eyes and delicious smile.

Feel free to PM me with any questions.

FROM dommeless_hawaii ON MAXFISCH.COM 8/02/12

I love Asian dommes. Over the years I've seen several, including Kyoko, Senju, Phoenix Frost, Mei Ling, Ekko, Kira (SF), Jin (LA), and Mistress Kang.

I had a chance to session twice with NYC's Mistress Amiko Chan while on a recent trip to NYC. We communicated with a few emails and established what our sessions would be about based on mutual interests. The communication was so good that by the time we met, it was like we had already met before.

The details of our session play I wish to keep to myself, but I do want to say that Amiko was as fulfilling to play with as any of the dommes I mentioned above, especially when one considers it was our first time together. She was playful in session and a good conversationalist outside of scene. I had to constantly remind myself that I was in a professional scene, the connection was so good. The eroticism/arousal of the sessions was as good as I used to experience with Kyoko. She reminds me a lot of Mei Ling of Luxuria fame - a lot of power encased in a small, doll-like frame. I really enjoyed playing with her, and I recommend her highly.

FROM Ed on 8/04/12

Review of Mistress Amiko

As a long time submissive, my needs are well defined. As a result, I need a Mistress who is sharp enough to understand what I am about and tailor sessions just for me as opposed to using a standard recipe.

What I need is a Mistress who follows the slogan “have it your way” while still having it her way. Someone who understands that both sides have needs in a power exchange.

Over the years, I have been fortunate to find such Mistresses, but they are rare indeed. Most offer “one size fits all; here’s what I do, take it or leave it.” That doesn’t work for me and I suspect for many.

I did extensive research in locating Mistress Amiko. I only looked for mistresses with websites so I could learn the maximum about them before meeting them and carefully read and reread their content. Since Mistress Amiko is a very active on Twitter, I was also able to get a good view of her varied interests, both in and beyond domination. I finally, after a month or so, decided to reach out to her via email. It was the quality of her thoughtful response which validated my decision. And after the first session, I know I had definitely made a wise choice. She turned out to be true to her website and Twitter comments. She was smart, experienced, highly skilled, a considerate but towering strength type of person. And, she was even more beautiful in person than her pictures. As an added bonus, she is a fashion plate----accenting her sexy body with clothes which both show off her figure and yet are tasteful.

Mistress Amiko is one of the rare ones. She took the time to understand my needs and tailored our sessions together to what sends me into subspace. However, she is clearly in charge and delights in her sophisticated pushing of limits. She is highly skilled in the various techniques, using her years of experience to control both body and mind. She is constantly improving her craft.

For me, her being both in the lifestyle and the business, has allowed me to form a relationship with her based on my submissiveness. Sessioning isn’t just a day job for her. She is the real deal.

If you want to worship, obey, and serve a beautiful, experienced, and intelligent Mistress, you can’t go wrong with Mistress Amiko.


Earlier this year, I read a review by crytears of a session with Amiko Chan of NYC. Despite the session being quite different than what I had been previously done, I found it very interesting, which led me to her website and twitter . I followed her on twitter for a while, and found her funny and interesting, so I scheduled a session. She turned out to much more amazing in person than online and I have seen her regularly ever since.

I originally told Mistress Amiko that I was hoping to explore some general areas of BDSM with her more deeply than I had in the past. She has done an amazing job of not only crafting hot and fun (fun in a terrifying and excruciatingly painful way, of course) individual sessions, but also of integrating them to progressively lead me toward that goal. It is amazing to look back at how far I have come with her in a relatively short time. I've tried many new activities and developed interests that were formerly hard limits. The intensity of our interactions has been far beyond my past experiences, both physically and emotionally. Perhaps most importantly, with Mistress Amiko's guidance, I have much different and healthier views about BDSM, particularly D/s.

While we have explored many elements of BDSM together, pain has been a primary focus. Mistress Amiko is a Sadist. I didn't understand how much pain was in my future when I initially mentioned S/m as an interest to her. :) Over time, she has taken me from being very much an S/m novice to taking fairly heavy pain and significant marks, which I've grown to love. From the look in her eyes as she is beating me to the sound of her laughter while I'm writhing in agony, Amiko has a way about her that always makes me strive to take more for her. I had never felt that way before, but almost instantly did with her.

I've always had some desire for submission, but giving up control has often been a difficult thing for me. This was a topic that Mistress Amiko and I talked about frequently early in our relationship. As I wrote this review, I realized we don't talk about it much anymore. As time went on, I was able to give up more and more control to her and, therefore, experience much more meaningful submission. I attribute that largely to the great trust that I have developed in her over time.

Mistress Amiko has a playful, yet serious style that is very much her own. She has a true passion for play; she is a woman who clearly enjoys her work. She genuinely loves BDSM. She is active in the lifestyle community and involved in education, both teaching and learning. She is beautiful, skilled, intelligent, and intuitive. She is often cruel, but she is also exceptionally caring. And even during the rare moments when she isn't in some way torturing me, her personality and great sense of humor make her a blast to be around.

If you're interested in further exploring your kink, I highly recommend Mistress Amiko Chan.

FROM AnEnglismanInNY on 10/4/12

I had looked at Mistress Amiko's website a few times but wasn't really considering having my first session in 10 years until I read the comments. One of them struck a chord with me and I took the plunge. Needless to say it was one of my best decisions. She is gorgeous in her photos but when you're face to face with her, she's even better. When she's staring at you during the session, it's like she knows what's going on in your head and what she is doing to you. She discusses safe word usage at the start but you find yourself not wanting to let her down by using one. Without going into details I am finding the next day that my body aches from being put in bondage positions I was not used to, my mind is still questioning where she took me to as I had never been to that place before and I know that I will have to see her again because I won't be able to help myself. Thank you for a fabulous session Mistress.

FROM mass ON MAXFISCH.COM 10/21/12

I arrived early at the dungeon on a hot and humid late summer afternoon. While I was waiting for Amiko, I pulled a small piece of paper from my pocket. On it was a drawing of a man with a pig head, restrained to a chair and strung up to the ceiling by his nipples. "Zap" and "Swoosh" were written on the drawing, old school batman style next to pictures of a stun gun and a cane. Amiko had made this drawing for me the last time I had seen her. I had been keeping secrets from Amiko and since I was hesitant to give them up, she had decided my fate would be an interrogation. If I could withstand it, my secrets were safe. If not, I would be compelled to confess. Subsequently, pictures and video clips had begun appearing in my inbox of various other tortures: interrogation documentaries, BDSM scenes, even part of a Star Trek episode. A few were funny, but most were terrifying and the reality of what I was going to endure was fully setting in as I stood outside waiting for her.

Amiko arrived and greeted me, "Hi, piggy.". Ever since she made the drawing, she had referred to me as "zee piggy". Attempting to not to show weakness, I ignored her comment and tried to make small talk as we rode up in the elevator. Nerves got the best of the best of me and my response was gibberish. Amiko just looked at me and laughed. She dropped me off in the session room and left to change. Waiting for her, I realized that I had never been this scared prior to a session. My hands were shaking. Despite the air conditioning, I was sweating profusely, which I realized was more due to fear than the heat. I knew that I had little chance of retaining my information and that, even if I somehow could, I was in for an afternoon of excruciating pain and terror.

Amiko returned looking stunning in thigh high boots, a tiny latex dress, and a keffiyeh on her head. I cursed my weakness as fear largely turned to desire. She ordered me against the wall and I felt the keffiyeh being taped over my head. It smelled faintly of Amiko, which only further excited me, but I quickly started to struggle with the vision restriction. Something was forced up each leg to my very upper thigh, confusing me as I hadn't expected that and couldn't figure out what it was. I heard myself moaning slightly, uncontrollably.

The interrogation began with me being placed into various stress positions. I had expected this due to Amiko's pre-session threats, and had planned to cheat a bit on the positions to conserve energy. Almost immediately, I heard a loud snap and felt a sharp pain on my upper thigh. "On your toes. Higher." Another sharp pain in the other thigh. "Now." Rubber bands! I did as I instructed, but slowly relaxed a bit, hoping she wouldn't notice. I felt the crack of a cane on my ass. "Higher". As fatigue set in and I struggled to hold the positions to her satisfaction, the rubber band snaps and cane strokes increased in frequency. I felt myself shaking from exertion and heard my own moans and pleas growing louder.

Just when exhaustion started to get the best of me, Amiko ordered me into the chair positioned in the middle of the room. I was securely restrained to it. The keffiyeh was removed and the pig mask was forced onto my head. I was strung up by nipple clamps to the overhead suspension rig. The clamp chain was pulled taut, making even the slightest movement excruciatingly painful. I could see my reflection in a mirror on the wall. I did look quite a bit like her picture.

Water torture was next. A prior session that I had done with Amiko had taken place entirely in a shower, so she knew that this was a weakness of mine. Begging and pleading quickly ensued, but no confession. Looking back, I think Amiko could have broken me at that point, but she had other things in store for me. The water torture mercifully ended and a plastic bag was placed over my (piggy) head, suffocating me. I struggled to pull away, but the pain in my nipples was too great. Eventually, I realized that my snout prevented a complete seal, and I relaxed slightly.

Amiko left the room for a moment. While she was gone, I started to think I might withstand the interrogation. I had very little concept of time at that point, but we had to have been there for a while. I had survived the water torture, which was one of my greatest fears. She returned. "If you're counting the minutes, add 30. I'm not done with you." My confidence was dashed.

Out came the hog prod, accompanied by bacon jokes. Amiko had threatened me with various type of electrical torture in the past, but not yet followed through. I knew my luck had run out. The hog prod bit into my skin over and over again. When she wanted a break from the prod, she tucked it between my legs, firmly against my balls, taunting me about the possibility of accidentally shocking my nuts. There was more caning and rubber bands, and more of the hog prod, mostly to my thighs. As I thrashed around in agony, the clamps tore at my nipples. In case that wasn't inflaming my nipples enough, Amiko precisely singletailed the clamps, taking the pain to a nearly unbearable level.

As Amiko unattached my nipple clamps from the suspension rig, and the the pain in my thighs subsided, I started to appreciate just how much pain my nipples were in. And I started thinking about how much more they would hurt when the clamps came off. I heard myself begging for mercy as she played with the clamps. But begging wouldn't help. Only a full confession would save me. I looked up to see Amiko, now holding the nipple clamp chain, balancing on one foot, with the other boot heel pressed against my chest. As she she reached back to rip the clamps clean off, the pain and fear were too great and the confession finally came.

A while after this session, I read a blog post a friend, Eric Pride, had written about an interrogation presentation he had recently given. He compared interrogation scenes to playing with fire - you want the scene to get hot, but yet not fully burn your subjects. Looking back, I thought Amiko had done just that. I had been pushed to my limits and the session was exceptionally hot, but she had stopped just short of turning zee piggy into bacon.

From Humbert on 8/02/2013

It’s been a few months since my life was thrown upside down by Mistress Amiko. Every session with her since that first evening has only deepened my addiction to her. Even yet, I still recall vividly my “virgin flight” with her.

We had discussed the details pre-session via email days before I was to arrive at the dungeon in midtown that Amiko often sessions at. Despite my experience at submitting to a few of the finer dommes at another famous dungeon in New York City, I arrived shaking, excited and terrified in anticipation of the abuse ahead. As I waited for her in the room full of racks and crosses and hooks, the panties I wore under my business suit reminded me of how entirely I was ready to submit to her.

With an awful “click,” the door opened to reveal the beguiling Mistress Amiko: petite, lovely and pure evil in a corset. With her FF stockings, boots, perfect hair and nails, and her whip in her feminine hand, I feared that I had bit off more than I could chew. We shared no words, other than her command for me to disrobe. (She and I had already discussed the scene in advance, so we could begin without small talk, as I prefer).

Looking deep into her eyes, I trembled with desire, fear and lust. But most of all, I just wanted to utterly submit to this woman. Somehow, in the first minute, I had complete trust in her and would have done anything to worship her. This is her power; she is sadistic, yet mindful and so present that she magnifies the urge to receive physical abuse.

I immediately dropped to my knees to fellate the huge black strap-on she had worn for me under her skirt. The way she looked down on me in approval and desire was mesmerizing. I would have been her gutterwhore, I was so turned on by her presence. I’m still amazed that such a lovely, small woman could tower above me and have such power. She expressed her appreciation when I sucked her faux phallus and I gagged on it, until my eyes teared up. I loved the subjugation, and so did she.

Amiko understood exactly how to lead the physical dance between the two of us. She looked great in her corset, it made her breasts look full; they almost spilled out of her corset. Her ass looked amazing, too, in contrast with her thin waist. She even wore long black lacy gloves that were open fingered, that went all the way up her arms. She must have known I was thinking dirty thoughts, because mercifully, she choked me, yet she was also very sensual at the same time, comforting my body with her gloved hands.

I was in heaven when she told me to bend over her knee. Words cannot describe how good she is at administering a spanking. She knew just how to warm me up with lighter strokes, with her soft bare hands. So wrong, so intimate, yet so right! She built up in waves, perfectly, and the flood of endorphins crashed into my brain like a tsunami. This stern mistress was so deep inside my psyche (and this was only our first session!) that she knew exactly when to move on to the hard wooden paddle. The moments I spent over her knee, my brain reeling in subspace, will never be forgotten.

She gave me a moment to rest and bask in the rush; the feeling was like a thousand heroin hits. I was her junkie. She just smiled, heady from the power trip of beating me into bliss. I was turned on knowing that she honestly enjoyed abusing me like this. This is her sweet power!

Amiko was not done yet. She proceeded to tie me to a chair and gave me the flogging of my life. I never realized what an art form flogging can be until Amiko worked me over. She started slowly, almost sensually, massage-like, and eventually delivered the brutal “thuds” that took me over the top. Again, my mind was just spinning, looking up at her in admiration between waves of pleasurable pain.

When she saw that she had indeed made me her painslut (she took me further than I have ever been taken before) she got out her single tail whip. I still flinch when I think of the sound of her whip when she cracked it, inches from my vulnerable flesh. She is very talented with the whip, which is not easy to use. She used the terror of the sound as much as the actual strikes to excite me. I don’t know which scared me more, the anticipation of a blow, or the blow itself. Her control was precise. The image of her, in the mirror, wielding that whip, with that angelic yet sadistic smile- wow!

I was totally spun- lost in space. I could take no more, and blurted out the agreed-upon safeword. Disappointed in myself, but in complete bliss at the same time, the beating was over. Amiko smiled and gave me a caring, deep hug and plenty of unhurried aftercare. Just being in her arms was so comforting. Her patient, caring touch reassured me as I came down a bit from the high. She was willing to chat post-session, but I was just too floaty to discuss much- and it lasted for several days.

We’ve had many more sessions since- some involving elaborate perverse role-plays, some with more sensual BDSM play, some like this one simply heavy corporal, and some exploration of deep dark fetishes. Each time with Amiko has been unique, interesting, and transcendent.

It only gets better with each and every rendezvous- but that first session with Mistress Amiko will always have a special place in my memory.

From The_BigMcGoober on 10/3/2013

What follows is a review and selected vignettes and highlights of my most recent session with Mistress Amiko Chan. This isn't everything that happened during the session but it's some (albeit not all) of the best moments.

So that you have a sense of my experience with bdsm, I've been having sessions with a number of well-known dommes in both Philadelphia and New York for approximately five years. Most have been with Asian dommes because I am particularly partial to Asian women, both in bdsm and in my vanilla life. All of these experiences have been intense and rewarding. I will say by way of a starting point that my experiences with Mistress Amiko have been as good as any I've had with any other domme.

In any event, I've had a number of sessions with her, and from previous sessions I can attest that she is quite effective at inflicting serious pain. However, that wasn't the center of focus of this particular session, which although it involved some pain was definitely more on the sensual side. Regardless, as set forth below, her control of me, and my submission to her, was absolute throughout:

She was dressed mostly in black, wearing black vinyl thigh high boots, a short black dress with wicked hot sheer back and lacy panties that peeked out from under in an enticing way. Stunning as usual. As the session started I got down on all fours and crawled over to her to kiss her thighs and boots, worshipfully. (She knows I have a hard core fetish for those boots). She stood over me, looking down, accepting my silent worship as I started to descend into subspace.

She made me stand up and fit a very confining and restrictive posture collar around my neck. Standing close to her as I was, I could smell her perfume and was taking in her beauty, feeling her (mental)control of me start to take effect. She pressed herself against me ever so slightly as she adjusted the collar. Again, she knows that her touch has an effect on me and drew the moment out. I was extremely aroused. She grabbed me, hard and roughly, as she jammed me in a steel cock cage. I had to calm down momentarily so that I would fit in the cage. "It's all your fault," she said teasingly. I squirmed and groaned as she locked me into place, and I felt the metal biting into me and constricting me. I was bulging against it and out of it the rest of the session.

She handed me a pair of black lace panties and made me put them on. With the collar on, I really couldn't look down and see what I looked like too well, but I'm sure I looked ridiculous. That quickly became a non-issue as she grabbed the cock cage and led me by it over to the bondage cross by the wall. I
shuffled along obediently after her, turned on out of my mind.

After teasing me verbally and by touching me a bit, she spun me around so my back was to the cross, placed her hand on my chest, and pushed me back onto the cross. She locked my ankles in and to a spreader bar. In anticipation and excitement, I raised my hands over and behind my head, grabbing hold of the crisscrossing upper "arms" of the cross. She remarked about how she liked that position and tied my wrists to the cross, right where I had put them. Next she fastened a heavy metal chain to the cock cage and secured the other end of the chain to the floor. She also tightly wrapped a string around my balls and secured the other end around my neck. By this time my breathing was verging on hyperventilation. I was anticipating what was to come and also in a subspace, reacting to the bondage.

When I was totally secured to her liking, she pressed herself roughly against me, bringing her knee and thigh up under the cock cage firmly and making me ride it. The feel of the vinyl boot and her physical assertion made me groan in ecstasy. For what seemed forever, she alternated light (and sometimes not so light) scratching with her fingernails and metal talon fingertip attachments, as well as shocks from an electric handheld device she had. This was all over my body, but with particular emphasis on my inner thighs, my balls, and the flesh accessible through the bars of the cock cage. I drifted in and out of lucidity, sometimes screaming, sometimes being able to make eye contact with her and laugh or smile, and sometimes unable to make out complete English sentences. I contorted my body, scrunched down the cross, bent my knees and spread my legs as wide as I could to give her the best access to me. When I got tired from that position, I would straighten up, only to scrunch back down again by force of my own compulsion. Like an addict, I couldn't get enough of it.

Later she took out her flogger and lightly flogged my thighs, chest and between my legs, as much to scare me and enjoy my flinching as to hit me hard. She then got out her single tail whip, and with the utmost control and precision made it snap hard and loud, inches from the cock cage and scaring me silly. Then, on purpose, she let the single tail contact me lightly but excruciatingly, spot on in some of my most vulnerable and sensitive places. I writhed in agony as she giggled.

By this time I was worn out, and she untied my hands and brought me over a bottle of water to drink. I guzzled it down but then found that there was a sizable chunk of ice remaining in the bottle. She cut the bottle open, approached me, and pressed me back against the cross again. Without warning, she attacked me with the ice chunk by rubbing it all over my body: neck, chest, thighs, what was in the cock cage and elsewhere. The contrast of the intense cold against my heated, sweating skin made me cry out in shock. Instinctively I clutched at her as she worked me over with the ice chunk. Don't stop, I screamed silently. She didn't.

Now that I was thoroughly goofy and out of it, she put me into some asymmetrical partial-suspension bondage. She put me on my back on the ground and strung up my left arm and leg. Then she stretched my right arm out on the floor at approximately "9 o'clock," and my right leg out on the floor at "6 o'clock," tying both securely to floor bondage points. She remarked how vulnerable I was in that position and that she might have to take advantage of me. I shuddered and moaned, which was my way of saying "yes please."

I felt her weight on top of me as she positioned herself to tease and torture my most vulnerable and sensitive spots, which were completely exposed to her. Her body felt both predatory and utterly feminine as she pressed against me. She fit platform stilettos on both of my feet, which accentuated the feeling of awkwardness, submission and vulnerability. At one point she shoved one of her booted feet in my face and made me clean it with my tongue, while pinning my face to the boot with her other boot. My boot fetish utterly and ruthlessly exploited, I lapped away at her boot with my tongue in sheer abandon, no longer caring what I looked like or how it seemed. I felt that she accepted it all regardless of how weird it was, so I let go of my self-possession and went with the moment. Finally, after still more scratching, tickling and electric shocking, she finally released me from the cock cage. A seamless blending of pleasure and pain followed. On and on this went. From an emotional standpoint, I was totally connected to her and completely open to what she wanted to do and project onto and into me. It was a long time before I returned to my mind from it all.

I'll stop there to keep this at a manageable length. In this area, words usually don't convey the entirety of the intensity of the physical and emotional experience. Regardless, I hope that I managed to convey some sense of it.

Finally, I'll offer some more general things about her, starting with the physical. She is pretty (as or more pretty in person than the pictures on her website). Her physical movements are athletic and graceful, and her background as a gymnast shows there. She is feminine but athletically put together at the same time. I find her eyes and mouth to be particularly expressive. You can tell when she's switching gears from sweet to sadistic by looking at those.

As I alluded to above, I've found her to be quite versatile and adaptive, by which I mean that whether the scene involves intense pain or is more sensual or teasing, she is equally adept. She's good at knowing when to slow things down when she's worn you out or overloaded you. She knows that with me, arousal is my initial pathway into subspace, and that once there, I can be made to take more pain. That being said, she has been very careful and respectful of my physical limits.

She has said that forming an emotional connection with a sub is very important, and I can see that she means that. She and I have been able to do that during each session. She is intelligent with a good sense of humor and a delight to talk to and correspond with. With me, she took the time to understand what I hoped to achieve and experience through the sessions. From an emotional standpoint, she has totally opened me up during our sessions, each of which has been an intensely satisfying experience on all levels. I can't recommend Mistress Amiko enough. Seek her out and let her have her way with
you; you will be glad you did.

Her website is